Philippe Marlière

Philippe Marlière
4 May 2011


Capitalism as an economic system of production, as well as an ideology that produced social norms and shaped behaviours, was declared bankrupt ten years ago. Only parts of China remain capitalist today. Between 2030 and 2040, all civil societies carried out peaceful revolutions against the old regime. Karl Marx had long ago predicted that the collapse of capitalism was inevitable because it had within itself the flaws that would destroy itself.  He was right although his prophecy took more time to materialise that he initially reckoned.  At stake was the reclaiming of citizens’ democracy – only formal and flawed under capitalist regimes – and the defence of life on earth imperilled by the relentless aggressions against humankind, living species and the environment.  The large majority of countries which have opted out of their capitalist chains, have rapidly established egalitarian and safe societies. International relations have largely become peaceful: there are no more imperialist wars and, therefore, terrorist attacks against the ‘West’ have ceased altogether.

More importantly, the egalitarian ethos of the new post-capitalist societies has put an end to the millenarian male domination over our societies. All workers now receive an income according to their actual merit and work. Consequently, traditionally male dominated activities (politics, business) are now largely being managed by more dynamic and more competent female workers. New strictly enforced laws about pay equality in the workplace have seen a growing number of men adopt a more relaxed attitude to work. For the first time in modern history, there are more stay at home fathers than mothers.


Stay home fathers having a BBQ

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Stay home fathers having a BBQ

Author: Philippe Marliere

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